The Soul Reweaving Method

Are you ready to end the frustration of slow, effortful progress on your path of healing, and gently yet powerfully open the door to the Divine (welcoming in all the love and support that your Higher Self can’t wait to shower you with), once and for all?

Keep reading for the full scoop on the Soul Reweaving Method!

Dear Spiritually Aware Human…

Are you fascinated by the concept of intuition, yet you have trouble trusting yourself?

Have you been trying to intentionally connect with a Higher Power, your spirit guides, or the Universe… only to be left frustrated by your attempts?

Do you sometimes receive “downloads”, or simply gut feelings, that you could use some help decoding? Or maybe you WISH you received downloads, but when you try to tune in, you just get crickets?

Are you starting to wonder if meditation, yoga, prayer, affirmations, or various alternative health modalities are ever going to work for you in terms of leaving depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, PTSD, or lingering health issues behind you? 

Are you curious about DNA activation or Kundalini energy, but you don’t know what to do to get yours to “awaken”?

And yet…

Are you frustrated by reoccurring incidents of getting “triggered” in your life? 

Do you worry that fears, blocks, or personal issues (with your relationships, body, or even something you can’t quite put your finger on) are keeping you stuck at a specific level of spiritual development – and hindering your full healing?

Are you concerned that you might have “bad karma” that is somehow holding you hostage?

Have you been through the pain of a diagnosis, betrayal, or loss of a loved one, and has that pain somewhat stayed with you, making it difficult to get back to your old way of being – let alone attain vibrant emotional and physical health, or what you might refer to as ascension or enlightenment?

If any of this sounds familiar…

… The root of the problem is something you’ve likely never heard of before. And it’s not something mysterious or unsolvable. It’s that that your soul has become disconnected from the unconditionally loving embrace of your Higher Self, which is the source of all the healing, expansion, and self-actualization that life on this ascending planet has to offer.

The natural state of the soul and Higher Self are that they are exquisitely and delicately interwoven, allowing for clear communication with and abundant support from the part of you that is closest to what you might think of as God/Goddess/Source (babies and kids have the connection between their souls and Higher Selves intact).

But through upsetting/traumatic life events and indoctrination into the erroneous belief that your physical body is the core part of who you are, your link to your Higher Self has been largely severed.

So if you want to call in your miraculous life of true love, vibrant emotional and physical health, magic, and synchronicity, it needs to be carefully “rewoven” with your soul.

By reweaving your Higher Self with your soul (which inhabits your physical body), you’ll be opening the Door to the Divine in a powerful yet gentle way that will finally give you the transformation you’ve been working so hard to achieve, all while beating yourself up as to why it’s just not happening for you.

When you’ve tried everything else, and you still feel stuck, I’d be delighted to offer you my unique, angelically-derived energy healing method, which I call Soul Reweaving.

The gist of the Soul Reweaving process is that through a series of channeled tutoring sessions and remote energy healing sessions, I transfer my extremely high-vibrational (angelic) energy patterning to you, which gradually restores the natural resonance between your soul and your Higher Self, turning you into the sovereign, fully integrated being you were always meant to be.

From the very first session working with me, you will begin to realize that there are incredibly exciting, energizing, and otherworldly possibilities just waiting for you to discover them… that you can transcend your issues once and for all… and that it really is possible to experience your childhood sense of wonder, even as an adult.

You can read about pricing for my Soul Reweaving packages here.

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I can’t wait to meet you! 🙂


P.S. I can work with you no matter where you are located, but I see locally-based clients on an appointment-only basis at The Village Clinic in Westboro, Ottawa. The healing sessions that I do are always conducted remotely. For more information on how it’s possible to receive healing remotely, please check out this brief explanation.

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