“Amanda is such a genuine and nurturing healer. My healing session with her was absolutely enlightening and life changing. As a fellow energy worker, I can truly feel the energy shift in BOTH my body and spirit that has unfolded since my session and I have never felt more aligned and in tune with my divine feminine energy.  The care and time Amanda puts into her clients and healing made me feel so comfortable and even more energetically open in the healing session which made it that much more special and impactful.  She takes great care in the pre and post session consultations and ensured I knew exactly how the session would go and was readily available afterwards to answer any questions and discuss what I experienced. I have never felt more connected and at peace on my journey and I can honestly say that Amanda’s healing session set me on my true energetic path. I highly recommend a healing session with Amanda, you will not regret it!” – B.C., Ottawa

“I felt like Amanda could see things in a way that I couldn’t. She used her sharp intuition to gently guide me int he direction that best suited me. I felt like I was trying to fit myself in a box, a template that was created for someone else, and Amanda had the ability to envision a brand new way of doing things. One I hadn’t thought of before. She could effortlessly see how I work best and then created a model for me to deliver my skill set. She not only gave me permission to be myself, but showed me how doing so will lead to a successful business.” – S.A., Montreal

“My session with Amanda was pretty amazing. She made me feel comfortable from the start and made me feel at ease. We had an introductory chat and she told me how the session would be handled. She is incredibly warm, open and wise. My session with her was so healing. I was able to release a lot of pain and come away feeling so much more connected to my self and my own inner power and resolve – something I was not expecting at all, as I was wanting clarity on a next step to take with regards to a specific relationship in my life. Since then I’ve felt calmer, lighter, more connected and more inner trust. Thank you Amanda.” – S.K., England


“Amanda and I funny enough met on Twitter. She kindly shared some information with me about energy healing and offered to do a soul reading with me. Thereafter she offered to do an energy healing session with me remotely (I’m in the UK). I have never done anything like this before. The session was very interesting. My cat, who has no respect for personal space, jumped on the bed and immediately stopped as if there was a boundary around me. During the session I experienced some twitching sensations (as I said I didn’t know what to expect), as well as what I can only describe as a sort of orgasmic tingling (LOL). Ultimately I felt very relaxed. Strangely one of the things I had been discussing with Amanda was an issue with my brother. Amanda offered to focus on that during the session, as my brother and I hadn’t spoken in a while. Less than a minute after the end of the session (no word of a lie) my brother messaged me and apologised. I would really recommend her. She is a lovely person.” – N.H., UK

More testimonials coming soon as I collect them from past clients!