Call in Your Magical, Angelically Supported Life – with the Soul Reweaving approach to energy healing!

Hi – I’m Amanda! In 2015, I was gifted with a dramatic mystical experience that left me with augmented healing and psychic abilities. Today, I’m a professional Spiritual Channel, Energy Healer, and creator of the Soul Reweaving method.

My mission is to help you see firsthand how reinstating your connection to the spiritual dimension (including the most spiritual aspect of you – your Higher Self) has the power to completely transform anything in your life that isn’t working, that feels limiting, or that is bringing you pain.


If you’ve landed on this page, it means you’ve been led here by your Higher Self, which has impatiently been trying to reach you!

(Did you know that you are much more than your physical body? Yep – your Higher Self is the angelic aspect of you that exists in what you might think of as another “dimension” – and it exists to help you navigate your current incarnation.)

Your Higher Self sees you over there, doing everything you can to raise your vibration, figure out your purpose, heal your inner child, and maybe even attract your ultimate spiritual partner (often referred to as your Twin Soul or Twin Flame). Not to mention address your health issues, depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, or PTSD. 

And your Higher Self ALSO sees you perpetually coming up against an energetic “glass ceiling” that you just can’t seem to break through.

Sure – you might feel more peaceful or happy for a while after you meditate, get a massage, or go to yoga, but it doesn’t really last in a permanent sense. And life still feels kind of, well, hard. And unmagical.

You may have dabbled in or even dedicated yourself to some kind of spiritual practice, invested in retreats, mentors, alternative therapies, or coaching, or simply focused on becoming a positive-thinking, self-aware human being – but you may sometimes find yourself wondering… “is this it?”

Your Higher Self is actually Angelic!

That feeling of “is this as good as it gets?” comes from the fact that you’re under the mistaken belief that “you” are just this human vessel, with its accompanying (sometimes uncontrollable-seeming) mind and emotions.

Your Higher Self (which is angelic, remember) can’t assist you in overcoming the issues that weigh you down on a daily basis, as at the moment, it can’t get through to you in a reliable and consistent way.

In short, you’re still not getting to where you secretly hope could be possible in terms of feeling fully spiritually “hooked up”, healed of everything that ails you, able to communicate with your guides, and walking around with a serious glow on, because you aren’t even aware your Higher Self exists.

But I have good news for you….

One of the best things about this human existence is that the realm of the miraculous is entirely within our reach. You just need the right method to help you tap into it – which I refer to as “opening the door to the Divine”.

What you need is a facilitator who has figured out how to fully connect with her own Higher Self into her day-to-day experience, to help you shatter that glass ceiling once and for all.

Someone who has been walking the Personal Healing/Ascension/Twin Flame path for many years now, has had multiple mystical experiences, has awakened her Kundalini, has embodied her spiritual gifts, and who is successfully fulfilling her soul mission as a result!

Someone who has taught and coached hundreds of women to heal and empower themselves through knowledge of Universal Truth, sourced from the Angelic realm. Someone who knows how to be a caring and compassionate guide, who can get you results FAST.

That someone would be me! Let me take your hand and show you that the Universe IS more magical than you ever dared believe! 🙂

Click here to learn more about the Soul Reweaving method and how I can guide you to call in your magical, angelically supported life – even if right now, you’re dealing with Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Grief, or PTSD!