Angels are real, and they want to help you heal!

Have you experienced a deeply upsetting event that you’re having trouble putting behind you?

Are you dealing with an issue (physical, emotional/spiritual, or relationship-oriented) that you can’t seem to find a solution for?

If so, you’re in the right place, and I’m so pleased to meet you!

Hi – I’m Amanda. I’m a former award-winning entrepreneur (published on who eventually realized I was here to do much more important things – like help people to reclaim the sovereignty of their souls through my energy healing work! 🙂

I am an incarnated Angelic, here to support an awakening humanity.


A few words about what I do:

Simply put, I am a conduit for pure Source Energy (Unconditional Love), which I transmit to you through my heart centre, using my intention to help you to heal. I’m a naturally gifted energy healer, which means that this isn’t something that I learned how to do (although I do have certificates in Reconnective Healing and Reiki). Rather, it’s a skill that I’ve “remembered” how to use.

I refer to my method as Soul Reweaving, because it’s a powerful form of soul repair. Specifically, Soul Reweaving restores and enhances your connection to your internal Divine Spark, which has been damaged by the painful events you have been through in this and other incarnations. Soul Reweaving has the potential to help with physical, mental, and emotional challenges – and even things such as dysfunctional relationships and clarity about your purpose (see my testimonials for more on this).

Soul Reweaving is something that we can all benefit from. This is because if you are a human being currently inhabiting a physical body, then there is one single underlying factor that you have in common with every other person on the planet at this time in history: your soul has been traumatized by existing here.

This soul trauma can manifest as disease or limitation, anxiety, depression, anger, PTSD, or just a general feeling of “stuckness”, heaviness, or inability to get back to your old self after an upsetting life event. It can also make it difficult to deal with the symptoms of the DNA activation process that we are all currently undergoing thanks to the new, higher-vibrational light coming to us at this time from the Higher Realms. These symptoms can create a sense of “am I going crazy?”, as your psychic senses begin to open up and you start to perceive aspects of different realities.

As a Spiritual Channel, I have been in close contact with benevolent Angelic beings, and the Cosmic Mother energy, for my entire life. I work hand in hand with these sources of healing to help rehabilitate your soul, releasing it from the weight of the traumas it has sustained in this and other incarnations. I do this by performing remote healing sessions that involve recalibrating your “energetic DNA” (your energetic DNA can be thought of as the place your trauma is stored) and reconnecting it with its natural Divine Template of Unconditional Love.

If you’ve tried meditation, medication, therapy, or alternative health modalities, but you still feel you haven’t gotten the relief you’re hoping for, it would be my pleasure to see how I might be able to assist you. I invite you to reach out to me for a no-obligation consultation, so that we can discuss an approach that is tailored to your needs. 

* Please note that I do my best work with individuals who have had some kind of spiritual, mystical, or paranormal experience at some point in their lives – or who are at the very least open to such topics. If you’re not sure if you fit into this category, feel free to reach out to me to ask. And yes, “that time that weird thing happened” counts! 😉

I see clients on an appointment-only basis at The Village Clinic in Westboro, Ottawa, although as mentioned above, the actual healing sessions that I do are conducted remotely. For more information on how it’s possible to receive healing remotely, please check out this brief explanation.

Drop me a line anytime!

Phone: 613 686-6650 ext. 102